Pharmaceutical equipment pollution prevention and control is the guarantee of drug quality

Introduction: The quality assurance of pharmaceuticals is the core of the development of the pharmaceutical industry. The impact on the quality of pharmaceuticals comes from many aspects, among which the impact on the production environment, production conditions and production equipment is the most important aspect. In the production of pharmaceuticals, pollution from the environment and

Pharmaceutical equipment brand exhibition opens in Tianjin in July

The Fifth China (Tianjin) International Pharmaceutical Machinery and Packaging Equipment Exhibition (CIPPE) has been successfully held for four times as a brand exhibition in the Bohai Rim region. Co-sponsored by UNESCO, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and the European Union (EU), sponsored by China Biotechnology Development Center, Tianjin Science and Technology Commission, Tianjin Binhai New District People's Government, and Tianjin Hengxin Exhibition Co., Ltd. The pharmaceutical equipment field is a high-level conference with a series of

Toward a strong country in pharmaceutical equipment is a topic that the industry urgently needs to break through

The domestic pharmaceutical machine market has been expanding at an alarming rate. It is expected that by 2016, it will be quadrupled or even tripled based on the existing 15 billion yuan. Under the supervision of the new medical reform and the new five-year plan, the pharmaceutical equipment industry will clearly benefit. The technological content of equipment means a significant reduction in costs and it brings huge economic benefits.

Big health industry calls for high-performance medicine machine

With the end of the one-child system in China, the proportion of the aging population will increase over a long period of time. Those who have just entered the ranks of the elderly pay more attention to their health issues than their predecessors, and are filling up. In the era when the stomach became the main task, physical health can only be a luxury. Today's situation has been greatly improved. The new generation of middle-aged and elderly people has both a sense of attention to physical health and a stronger economy than their predecessors. Capacity, and the resulting market growth of the big health industry is obvious.

Through-wall design for pharmaceutical equipment

The design of the through-wall design of pharmaceutical equipment refers to the layout of a part of the equipment across the partition wall to another room in order to save the area of ​​the process area; The transmission, control, and maintenance positions of the equipment are set in the auxiliary area. Through engineering and technical measures, the layout of two different levels of clean areas is ensured.
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